FX/MX619 'Eurocom' Delta Codec
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FEATURES: Single Chip Full Duplex CVSD Codec  -  On-Chip Input and Output Filters  -  3- or 4-Bit Compand Algorithm  -  Force Idle and Powersave Facilities  -  Fully Meets 'Eurocom' D1-IA8  -  Separate Rx and Tx Paths  - Simple Control

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The FX/MX619 is an LSI circuit designed as a *Continuously Variable Slope Delta Codec and is intended for use in military communications systems.

Designed to meet Eurocom D1-IA8 with external components, the device is suitable for applications in military Delta Multiplexers, switches and phones.
Encoder input and decoder output filters are incorporated on-chip. Sampling clock rates can be programmed to 16, 32 or 64 k bits/second from an internal clock generator or may be externally applied in the range 8 to 64 k bits/second. Sampling clock frequencies are output for the synchronisation of external circuits.
The encoder has an enable function for use in multiplexer applications. Encoder and Decoder forced idle facilities are provided forcing a '10101010.....' pattern in encode and a VDD/2 bias in decode. The companding circuits may be operated with a 3 or 4-bit algorithm which is externally selected. The device may be put in the standby mode by selection of the powersave facility. A reference 1.024MHz oscillator uses an external clock or Xtal.

The FX/MX619 is a low-power, 5 volt CMOS device and is available in 22-pin cerdip DIL and 28-lead ceramic leadless SMT packages.

Brief FX/MX619 Technical Overview min typ max
Typical Supply Current at 5.0V - 4.5 - mA
Powersave - 1.0 - mA
Analogue Signal Input Levels -35.0 - 6.0 dBm0
Passband 3400Hz
Analogue Signal Output Levels -35.0 - 6.0 dBm0

300Hz to 3400Hz

Encoder - Decoder (full codec)
Passband 300Hz - 3400Hz
Stopband 6kHz to 10kHz


FX619J J3